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Application Solutions——
8810 SMD——
Square Fuse——
Surface Mounted Fuse 1A 250V 2410 is SMD package provide board level primary and secondary circuit protection, with anti-surge ability, ideal option for LED bulb..
The 8810 SMD fuse series is a new type of product used in many electronic products to quickly fuse and protect circuit safety.
Slow blow micro fuse MTS T2A 250V, designed as IEC 60127-3, ideal for consumer electronics, LED drivers,power supplies, battery chargers and controllers for industrial use.
6125 1032 SMD Fuse is ideal option for automotive electronics and Battery Management System ; 1245 4512 Surface Mount Fuse designed for 5G telecom module.
  • Surface Mounted Fuse

    Surface Mounted Fuse

  • Micro Fuse

    Micro Fuse

  • Pico Fuse

    Pico Fuse

  • Glass Fuse

    Glass Fuse

  • Ceramic Fuse

    Ceramic Fuse

  • PTC Resettable Fuse

    PTC Resettable Fuse

  • Thermal Fuse

    Thermal Fuse

  • Auto Fuse

    Auto Fuse

  • Fuse Accessories

    Fuse Accessories


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  • What's 2020 most popular one time fuse ?

    What's 2020 most popular one time fuse ?

    As for business, we need to manage our supply chain and keep competitive in market. More important is we need some optimization on purchasing cost – COST DOWN . If you are manufacturer of LED or power supply, then you will ask what’s 2020 most popular one time fuse ? Cartridge fuse or pico fuse , oh no !

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  • Factors affecting the service life of the fuse

    Factors affecting the service life of the fuse

    Excessive ambient temperature is detrimental to the life of the fuse holder. Ordinary fuse holder. When the temperature is about 160 degrees, tin begins to diffuse into the metal wire; the temperature at which the melt can start to oxidize more violently is about 200 degrees.

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  • Circuit protection and electronic protection device purchasing knowledge

    Circuit protection and electronic protection device purchasing knowledge

    With the development of science and technology, power/electronic products are increasingly diverse and complex, and the circuit structure and physical size of electronic products are becoming smaller and smaller. The selection of circuit protection and electronic protection devices may not seem like a high priority, but design should be started early to eliminate design problems and ensure the performance and reliability of your product.

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